The story of the movie

« I want to yell at the world, at all these people with serious illnesses, that is to say incurable, that it is up to us to show otherwise. »

My name is Rémi, I am 32 years old and I have been suffering from Crohn’s disease since I am 11 years old. This is a rare, genetic and autoimmune disease that affects all the digestive system.

At present, there is no known treatment to cure the disease. For a few years, I have been dreaming to share my life experience to more people. To talk about the disease, its taboos, my everyday suffering, physical and moral one but also about my love for life and my commitment to heal.

I shall return in the footsteps of my past and I shall disclose what covers the major part of my life since my chilhood, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The one that is not seen, the one that is hard to hear and accept … the simple reality.

I will also meet practitioners, therapists, and caregivers in search of experiences and answers.

Followed by the entire film team, I shall begin a true initiatory journey on the roads of France and Europe. How do we go from illness to cure? How do you get away from a dominant system that tries to treat symptoms only? How to keep faith in life?

My body is struggling more and more to live simply in everyday life, but I feel that it is there, I feel that I am approaching, and above all, I feel that it is now! This is the essence of this film.

To show the truth of an invisible handicap, which nevertheless destroys in everyday life. But remember that no matter what happens, though we suffer, life is precious and deserves to be lived. And why not … healing …


Hospital, my second home

Very quickly diagnosed as a serious case, I undergo all the panoply of existing treatments;

  • Immunosuppressants whose role is to attack and fight the immune system, the one that is needed to live,
  • Long-term corticosteroids at very high doses,
  • Chemotherapeutic Molecules (Methotrexate),
  • Parenteral nutrition per catheter connected directly to the heart, also called “force-feeding” per pocket, period without swallowing any food during 6 months,
  • Enteral nutrition, second “force-feeding”, this time, through a nasal tube connected directly to the intestines
  • Experimental protocols: I also became one of the guinea pigs of science, in order to test the efficiency of new molecules before placing on the market. Treatments always accompanied with a list of long side effects as long as the arm, going most of the time up to death.

I also had several surgeries.

2 major surgeries :

  • At 16 years old, my colon was almost completely removed; it was too ulcerated and too sick to be treated. The disease then moved lower and attacked the sigmoid and rectum.
  • In order to put them to rest and try to treat them, I underwent a splitting of the small intestine / sigmoid junction as well as a deviation of it in November 2015 , causing it to come out of my abdomen. My stools are now collected in a pocket. This is called an Ileostomy.

Aureolated from more than 40 operations due to the formation of more than 70 abscesses, side effects of treatments

Mostly , abscesses of mandarin size, all incised and flattened by general anesthesia, over a period of 2 years, on the basis of 2 interventions per month to remove 2 or 3 of them at once.

For 21 years, the disease has been omnipresent in my life. Treatments, surgeries, symptoms, side effects, physical and moral suffering have followed one another without any interruption. I spent half my life in the hospital, considering it as a second home, with my habits and the friends I made.

But I am not only this !

I have described to you my little miseries, but I am not only that! Quite the contrary! I am drummer, drum teacher, funny (I hope …) and sincere, I am in love with music and art, I have very nice friends and a beautiful family! I give concerts when my body gives me a little respite, I record albums with different bands of different styles, and I write poems and chronicles as well. And best of all, I have dreams like everybody !!

My “life housemate” has often prevented me from living them thoroughly, even not at all … but I accepted the fact that things are what they are, and that the best things to do and to live to the full what one is able to live at the moment “T”. I never really had the opportunity to travel because of my health for example, but I intend to do everything to catch up! Because today things change, I have decided it! I want to meet new people, different people, to take part in life stories and share, give and receive ever more!

Experiments and research

Beyond my chaotic health course for most of my life, I have always sought to go further than what was presented to be about the disease. Science, as we know, today classifies this disease as incurable. It is certain that I could witness the gravity and the tenacity of this one. However, I assume that everything is possible, that we do not yet know everything, especially in the field of science. And most importantly, I believe in healing. So, for more than 10 years, I have been searching in my area, reading books and browsing the net in search of alternative medicines, human biology, spirituality, truths … I learned to know a great number of traditional therapies, millennia for some, coming from the four corners of the planet, new innovative methods, or simple lifestyles closer to our physiology. I have of course experienced most.

Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis, magnetism, lithotherapy, the behavior of photons in our body, genealogical memories, psychosomatic diseases (blockages often anchored in the childhood, see intrauterine), meditation, EFT, NLP, analysis of our dreams, and even the search for blockages in previous lives. I had the chance to meet wonderful people on my journey, both for their knowledge and their kindness. I think of Tal Schaller, Alain Scohy, Georges Vieilledent, Didier Traullé, Louis Touboul and so many others…

An awareness, the birth of a project

A few years ago, I had the idea and the desire to write a book. I wanted to tell my story, my galleys, but also share my desire to live and show people who are in a situation similar to mine, that one can have dreams and make every effort to realize it!

I learned over time that sharing is a unique thing, capable of transcending even the most wounded minds. If I can not do anything to stem the evil of some people, then I can try to make them want to move forward.

So I started scribbling sketches on pieces of tables, writing pieces of stories from here, but I could not find the Modjo …. I could not find the formula of writing, that way of turning things that would touch me and with which I wanted to convey.

Then, at the turn of one of my other experiences, life made me meet Alexander, the director of this film. We first talked a lot about the peculiarities and potentials of the human being, and we got to know each other. Basically we’ve done a bit of the world again!

One day, I told him my project to share my experience writing a book, and he replied with a thoughtful air “Hmmm, we should be able to film it …” These words provoked in our two brains noises of neurons and explosions of synapses to endless !!

I shall not be able to tell you the exact content of our remarks, as the scraps and the bits of uncontrolled sentences went in every direction.

“COBAYE DE VIE” was born!

A common and indescribable desire to achieve something beautiful, to transmit a life experience, and hope !!


The director : Alexandre Boulic

Since my childhood, I am passionate about tales, legends and especially by the images that illustrate them. I grew up in Brittany at the end of the coast, where the winds carve the stones. Besides, they have often whispered to me the stories of the origin of the world. I first drew, then I photographed, to finally put me to film. And it is in the movement image that I flourish today. I create films, I create audiovisual scenographies for the live show and my curiosity for human nature has led me to train myself as a therapist.

Rémi is a real “character”, as soon as I met him, I adored him, and when we gave birth to this idea of documentary on his will to heal by testifying to what he lives and by making discover so-called “alternative” care techniques, my enthusiasm was immediate! It is with love that I will highlight his journey, his “song of the swan” as we named it in subtitle.

The producer : Christel Piriou

Small, when the “great” asked me this famous question “What do you want to do as a craft? I answered according to my mood of the day that I wanted to be an alpinist, a story-teller or a painter. So at 20 years old, I decide to climb my first little mountains and that I leave the soft province of Nice to come face me in the jungle of Paris and to all sorts of stories to live and to depict.

In 2012, I meet the wonderful team of a production company of which Alexandre Boulic and Yannick Le Leannec are part and with whom I always work since.

At the end of 2014, I co-founded “Rue de la Prod”, an audiovisual production and story-telling company dedicated to the communication of companies, organizations and associations, whose aim is also to help and talents.

When Alexandre comes to talk to me about the “Cobaye de vie” project, a documentary Road-trip on the life of Rémi Forrière, a musician with Crohn’s disease, I am very touched by his history, his energy and his desire to succeed the impossible, I happily accept to embark on this adventure to their side in order to make live this documentary and at the same time this breath of hope.

sound engineer : Yann Lean

I have always been interested in sound: the crackling of rain on the ground, the crunching of a branch that breaks, the whispering of a breeze in the grass … All these sounds constitute for me a kind of music of life, and so it is now more than fifteen years ago I became DJ first and that in parallel, I learned to compose, capture, mix, modulate, and produce sound in a completely self-taught way.

It was in 2009 that I worked for the first time professionally on music projects (in 2009, I started to work on music projects which, since, I have always been working but professionally) . I composed the music of a credits of a series for TV7, and realized the sounddesign and the original music of several advertising videos. Subsequently, the agency I worked with, regularly offered me to join them and become a partner.



Born on September 11th, 1944 in Geneva, of a father Calvinist Protestant minister and of an intransigent and moralist mother, the Doctor Tall Schaller is a general practitioner who dedicated the majority of his career to the holistic medicine. Naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, osteopath, shaman and psychotherapist, he is a true expert of alternative medicine. Pioneer of health, forward thinker, speaker and author, he published reference words on the themes of spirituality and holistic health. He invites us to emerge from mass hypnosis to live in enjoyment and consciousness.


Doctor since 1973, then homeopath, acupuncturist, psychoanalyst and now guide therapist, Alain Scohy tries to synthesize between the psychosomatic, vitamins and human biology. He applies the Doctor BECHAMP works on microzymas and those of Doctor HAMER on cancer. He is author and speaker too. He publishes a review since 1994 to disseminate his health discoveries. It deals with multiple health areas as psychology, dietetics, vaccines, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, geobiology and in another ways attacks on freedom, agriculture and common sense…


Born on March 11th, 1956, Didier Traulle is a magnetizer, acupresser and bonesetter. In 1999, when he’s technical services director with an alarm company, he’s got a paralyzing herniated disc followed by a double pulmonary embolism. After his brush with death, he stays in bed for 3 years being terribly suffering and that’s when he uses his gift to get back on track. Then he decides to extend benefit to others and he devotes all his time to that.

According to the healer, 80% of pathologies would come from physical and psychological blockages, of emotional shocks. He feels those blockages physically and rebalances them harmonizing all energy, using sometimes vibrations of a Tibetan massiv gong and bowls. He writes “My healer life” in 2012, a fascinating book presenting in an easy and factual way the unusual treatment method benefits, their origin and their application in everyday life. According to him, his role is to support people on the road to recovery and to start the healing process.


Thanks to different backgrounds and national and international graduates, Louis Touboul engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 30 years. It enabled Western and Eastern views to connect. Practising half time in medical office and in hospital, he still enjoys understanding others to help them. We are now in contact with other therapists in various areas, in particular with a food and human physiology expert. We organize a trip too to follow an innovative care protocol coming from Eastern Europe!

Not only therapists!

We’ll also have original and inspiring meetings. Remarkable people who breathe life into us in spite of their hard daily life! Follow this exciting project progress step by step on FACEBOOK and TWITTER Lot of surprises are to come!



1- Highlighting progressive inflammatory diseases:

The association “COBAYE DE VIE” was created in order to highlight the inflammatory diseases evolutive.

These same diseases are most often accompanied by a chronic aspect that hinders the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Some people are no longer able to perform gestures of everyday life, as the pain and often fatigue are intense.

We are talking about crises of inflammation. However, when the disease is chronic, these same crises can last a lifetime without giving the patient a single moment of respite. Repeated assaults of these illnesses as well as treatments on the body also usually lead to psychological and emotional fatigue. Like cancer, for example, many of them are often unknown. They do not therefore enjoy the same visibility and therefore the same interest on the part of the public.

“COBAYE DE VIE” tries to highlight them by financing the means of present and future broadcasting.

2- To alleviate the daily life of the patients who wish it while offering an alternative care in parallel with their often very heavy medical follow-up:

Things are moving forward in science, and we are grateful for this momentum and all the work already done by scientists around the world. New molecules and therapies are born daily. Unfortunately, most allopathic treatments to date are not able to cure definitively certain pathologies.

Crohn’s Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Multiple Sclerosis, to name but a few in the huge list are part of it. In addition, these synthetic treatments are extremely intrusive, and if they help calming the disease for a while, they are accompanied by a tide of such powerful and disabling side effects that they sometimes constitute a second disease, while triggering another one.

It is recognized by science ,but above all, especially by some patients having experienced several health alternatives, that some natural, less intrusive and natural medicines have notable effects on the quality of their life. Treating the entire body and circulating energies rather than focusing only on the affected part is also a way forward.

Indeed, Chinese medicine and its associated plants, acupuncture, hypnosis, better nutrition, millennial remedies (Clay, Curcuma, Ginger, Psyllium blond, Quinton’s Serum, etc …), Ayurvedic herbalism, mastery of emotions, meditation, magnetism, and a multitude of other approaches are possible and effective! We wish to show that solutions exist to relieve the body and the mind when attacked daily by these diseases, and to propose them to those who ask for it. These alternative solutions often help to reduce pain and symptoms, the stress of the disease, see a few times, lightening some heavy synthetic treatments that undeniably weigh on our bodies.

3- Financing the same expensive, often unrepaid care:

Having myself undertaken research for 10 years and experienced a wide range of alternative care in both the psychic and physical areas, I find that most of these therapies and ways of proceeding are largely unknown in the West and especially in France. Because of this lack of knowledge, these products and care and the means to access them are not reimbursed by the Social Security, despite their increasingly recognized health benefits.

In order to ensure an effective result on the body, it is often necessary to put in place cures that spread over several months, years, see a lifetime in the case of certain chronic incurable pathologies. For it is not enough just to acquire a better punctuality but to maintain it. A lighter state of health in everyday life is played out on regularity. Regularity when it comes to health requires an extremely important financial investment of every day that most patients can not achieve.


Thus, the patients concerned will be able to start serenely a cure of plants, essential oils, benefit from therapeutic massages, regular acupuncture and hypnosis sessions, participate in courses on diet, Reïki, release of emotions access to more expensive organic food. The list of possibilities is very long!

The search for a competent practitioner in the areas targeted by the patient, and the resulting travel, are also a major source of expenditure. “COBAYE DE VIE” also wishes to finance these repeated trips, which are sometimes of the order of hundreds of kilometers.

A first project

Alexandre Boulic (Director) and myself, Rémi Forriere (Subject, Director) chose to highlight one of these diseases, the Crohn’s Disease, through my case via the documentary film “COBAYE DE VIE”.

We will tell my story, my life and the everyday sickness for more than 20 years. We will also try to interest the public at all these unsung health alternatives thanks to the various methods, therapies, and care sessions that I will practice and sometimes experience face camera. The slogans of this film are « HOPE » and « SHARING ».

To learn more, I invite you to read the complete file of the film « COBAYE DE VIE ».


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